Telemark at school

During the autumn of 2017, with the purpose to bring the origins of snow sports to children and make this modality known, Free Heel Pyrenees started a pioneering program in our country based on introducing the Telemark in the school ski weeks during winter. The first pioneer school in this program was “Bac de Cerdanya Primary School” from Alp, having a great acceptance among students, teachers and parents.

This project has two different sections

TELEMARK IN THE CLASSROOM: It consists on approaching to the school and explaining to the children what the modality of the Telemark is, where it comes from and its different disciplines, with the objective of make this modality known and having an extra decision when choosing the discipline for the school ski week.  

TELEMARK SCHOOL SKI WEEK: Once the choice of modality has been made, Free Heel Pyrenees aims to make the Telemark and the mountain something playful and educational.
The Telemark week program may vary according to the days and times stipulated by the school, as well as the free choice of extra activities that are carried out during the course. The main activity is to teach Telemark, combining it with extra activities during the ski week, such as the introduction of safety knowledge on ski resorts and in the mountains (use of the avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe), geography, fauna and flora that surrounds us, the accessibility to snow sports for people with disabilities and knowledge of the phases of water through the analysis and dissection of snowballs.
Finishing the week with a gymkhana for the ski resort where the program has been carried out, related to all the points explained throughout the week./span>