NAME: Judith Gibert
BIRTH: 10/11/1987
PLACE OF BIRTH: Alp, La Cerdanya

OCCUPATION: Telemark and Ski Coach

I was born and raised in Alp, a small town in the Catalan Pyrenees (north of Spain). My home mountain is La Molina.

I began to take my first steps in skiing at 2 years old.
I competed in alpine ski for 14 years, participating in different competitions at National level and FIS. After this I dedicated my studies to the education and the training of ski sports.

I hold coaching/ instructor licences Alpine Skiing, Level III and Telemark Level II, because of this I can enjoy and transmit my passion for this sport in different parts of the world.
I have always enjoyed travelling, I love to know new places and new people… the world are immense and have many mountains with many incredible challenges!

In 2007, I spent the winter season in Las Leñas (Argentina)  there I discovered that working as ski instructor was and is a fantastic opportunity to develop and pass on my passion to other snow sports lovers. This,encouraged me to go to Austria for the next European winter season, where it could develop my work and freeride…
In all I spent 5 seasons in Montafon (Austria), 4 seasons in Valle Nevado (Chile), a winter season in Niseko (Japan) and another in The Remarkables (New Zealand).

Winter 2013, I started to Telemark. At the start, I bought skis and bindings,  a friend of mine had Telemark boots, and we shared them switching equipment every two laps, until I decided it was time to buy my own boots!
For my first season Telemark, I practiced Telemark on my free time. When I was in Chile when I decided to focus on Telemark. With assistance from my mentor, Lena Attorresi, my backcountry skiing became more enjoyable. Since then I ride my Telemark whenever I can!

My first noticeable progression to me was while riding the amazing Japanese powder. Another enhancement occurred in New Zealand when I attended a NZSF Telemark course to become an official Telemark instructor. It was the first in depth technical professional advice. After this, I concentrated my, focus on Telemark backcountry and mountaineering. The very variable conditions that New Zealands mountains offer made me a stronger and more complete telemark skier.

During the winter of 2016, I returned returned to my home mountain to initiate a pioneering Telemark project in my own country, Free Heel Pyrenees, the first Telemark School that is exclusively dedicated to the education of Telemark. I also began to participate in different Telemark competitions in my country, achieving good results at National Level.